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PFP in the Marine Industry

High safety on the high seas.

If it weren’t for the gentle sway and sea breeze, you’d be hard pressed to distinguish a modern cruise liner from a resort. Outside areas, promenades, parks. These are all prominent features out at sea. But the size, scale and complexity of these floating cities present unique challenges for fire protection and safety.

With a comprehensive range of fire safety products for ships and offshore applications, KAEFER has the expertise and technology to keep passengers and crew safe while sailing. KAEFER fire sliding doors have been in permanent service on ships, yachts, ferries and other vessels for over 25 years. Made from composite materials, they provide excellent technical functionality, low weight, strong resistance and maximum fire protection. KAEFER’s innovative fire roller shutters are ideal for open areas on ships. They are resistant to wind and weather while also fitting seamlessly within tight design parameters and space restrictions, not to mention their excellent levels of fire protection.

All KAEFER marine and offshore fire protection products and systems are developed with client demands in mind and combine high strength and performance with low weight and space requirements. And on top of that, KAEFER fire safety products already meet green standards set by the Hong Kong International Convention for the Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships as well as EU Regulations and the Council on Ship Recycling.

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Fire Safety Products - Product Information

Fire Hinged Door A-60 for freezer & cold rooms
Fire Sliding Door A-60 for freezer & cold rooms
Fire roller shutter shutting down bit by bit
Fire roller shutter closing