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Inspiring innovation.

Have you ever wanted your very own team of specialists that could answer all the questions nobody else could answer?

That’s exactly what we have at KAEFER Competence Centers. But they are not only specialists in the fields of liquid gases, nuclear and renewables. Our teams proactively develop and research innovative industrial solutions.  

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KAEFER Competence Centers are leaders in project engineering as well as product engineering and can go beyond standard offerings, providing solutions for challenges previously deemed insurmountable.

How is this possible? It’s down to four factors: innovation, independence, certification and production.

In terms of innovation, we work to help our clients with existing projects as well as developing new technologies for present and future challenges. Independence means that we are a unique profit and loss company. We can choose the projects and products we work on and we retain the rights and patents to our technologies.

In contrast with other companies, we certify our technologies and products in house. We create solutions and get them approved centrally, for use in a broad range of specialist applications.

Finally, producing products ourselves means we can guarantee the highest standards of quality.

At the Competence Centers, we innovate to inspire. And our impetus is the driver of progress and greater success for your business. Pure and simple. That’s KAEFER innovative thinking.

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Competence Centers

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