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Bringing ingenuity into LNG.

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is a wonderful thing. Especially when compared with diesel as a power source for offshore applications. It’s not only safer, but it produces lower greenhouse gas emissions, NOx and particulate emissions. So it’s no wonder that it's quickly becoming the preferred energy for ships and offshore facilities, platforms and vessels.

KAEFER has been a specialist in LNG for years with our gas tanker and gas carrier activities. Our experts of our LNG Solu­tions Cen­ter are dedicated to developing and using LNG in new and innovative ways.

Like in Dutch marine contracting company Heerema’s heavy lift crane, for example. The KAEFER LNG experts developed the insulation system for a set of eight special gas tanks to be mounted hanging vertically instead of resting horizontally, fitting perfectly within the structure of the platform. That allowed for improved power distribution and much easier access as well. Since this had never been done before, the tanks and the insulation system needed new certification. The LNG Solu­tions Cen­ter was closely involved in the classification and approval process by the Ships Classification Society.

This new system not only provides more space and flexibility on the platform, but makes the most of cleaner energy as well. It goes to show how KAEFER ingenuity is applied to LNG and how it can be of use to your business as well.

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Ian Carter

Ian Carter

KAEFER LNG Solu­tions Cen­ter

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3D image of Heerema's Sleipnir semi submersible crane vessel
Heerema's semi submersible crane vessel 'Sleipnir'

Our products and services:

1. Cryogenic cargo and fuel tank insulation systems
2. Pipe and gas plant insulation, high density pipe supports
3. Spray foam systems, vacuum insulation solutions
4. Fluid handling solutions, cryogenic energy storage
5. On- and off-line repair services for cryogenic tanks and pipework


Ready insulated type C cargo tank during tank lifting
Ready insulated type C cargo tank during tank lifting

Find out what KAEFER innovative thinking can do for you:

Engineering and design, research and process development
Class approvals, product certification and accreditation
Material supply, foam block production and machining
Fabrication of sandwich / hybrid insulation panels
Installation and advisory services
Snohvit plant during its construction in 2003, Norway