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Technical Excellence & Support

Excellence is our frame of mind.

From the heat and humidity of the tropics to the dry cold of the arctic tundra, we have experienced the widest variety of conditions that can affect heat, cold and sound insulation. And we’ve done that without even leaving our offices. That’s because we have a range of laboratory testing facilities available in house to ensure that materials are fit for the job – no matter how challenging the conditions may be.

In addition to tests in our climate chambers, we also perform mechanical, cryogenic and acoustic measurements as well. And we can check for fire safety with small-scale fire tests. The purpose is not just to certify safety and performance, but also to reduce our clients’ energy consumption as well.

It doesn’t matter if it’s using thermal imaging to see the energy escaping from a shipping vessel or subject components to the most extreme pressures and temperatures for the Airbus A400M aircraft, KAEFER’s Technical Excellence and Support team will rise to the challenge.

Get in touch with our global expert:
Thomas Heuermann

Thomas Heuermann

Corporate Innovation & Technical Excellence

+49 421 6109 0

Our competences at Technical Excellence & Services

We do the designs for your needs using different methods and systems

Heat Insulation Thermal calculations
  Large scale testing
Cold Insulation Cryogenic test stand
  Heat flow measurements
Sound Insulation Measurements
  Noise prediction
Passive Fire Protection System assessment
Surface Protection Cleaning & Preparation
  Damage assessment
Special Solutions Scaffolding
  Standards & Guidelines


View of two valves in thermographic view with different temperature zones being visible due to lack of insulation
Thermographic inspection during one of KAEFER’s Energy Audits

What we offer at Technical Excellence & Services

  • Research and development
  • KAEFER solutions compilation
  • Technical bulletins and alerts
  • Technical consulting in projects
  • Materials and system testing
  • Tooling standards
  • Specification cross checking
  • Thermographic analysis
  • Risk management and mitigation
  • Quality management
  • Vocational and professional training
  • Expert networks coordination
  • Provision of international standards
  • Industrial energy auditing


KAEFER laboratoy
KAEFER laboratoy